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The Grub Street Journal

The Don Quixote Issue

The Don Quixote Issue

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In the Don Quixote issue we're asking 'What kind of idiots still make magazines?'

We’ll be talking to activists, entrepreneurs, community organisers and industry veterans about why they do what they do. What do they love about making magazines? What do they hate? What have they learned and what would they rather forget?

We also explore the enduring importance of street papers, take a look at how mags are represented in the movies and find out if magazine designers are just colouring-in monkeys (they're not).

Hear from an ASMR artist who uses copies of 1960s Good Housekeeping to give people tingles, get absolutely top-notch ad sales tips from the people who know how to to get it done, and discover how to have great ideas.

Magazine people in this issue:

  • Mark Allen (Mark Allen Group)
  • Kirstie Beaven (Sonshine Magazine)
  • Edward Felsenthal (Time)
  • Fiona Hayes (BBC, Vogue)
  • Laura Kelly (The Big Issue)
  • Chris Maillard (Decanter)
  • Liz Moseley (Tortoise Media)


Note: At the moment, we can only take preorders for the UK, but we're working on it for the rest of the world! Contact us if you're outside of the UK and we'll let you know when we have it sorted. 

Publication date

April 1st, 2023.


297 x 200

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